My body, A graveyard- |Poem|

Beneath the flesh and skin,

behind the glistering eyes,

through the rib cage and trouncing heart,

A graveyard lies,

of shattered dreams and broken smiles.


Fuming fire and a-blazed smoke,

under the shadow of obscurity,

amidst the corpse of rhapsody;

Lay putrefying,

my soul,

my core down to vestiges.


The golden rays made way

for the black haze,

that mercilessly dawned

upon my irremediable mind.


Mourns and cries

of all the smiles,

weeping and sniveling

of zealous desires.

Deafening and dismaying

to hear the plight


behind the coffin, sits my petrified soul.


The agony and pain

has choked merriment.

The darkness and bedlam,

has stabbed hope.

Everyday melancholy rolls in,

to fill the empty spaces,

in this bereaved mind.


My body is a burial ground

with caskets and cadavers.

A graveyard of crippled dreams

and broken smiles.



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