My body, A graveyard- |Poem|

Beneath the flesh and skin, behind the glistering eyes, through the rib cage and trouncing heart, A graveyard lies, of shattered dreams and broken smiles.   Fuming fire and a-blazed smoke, under the shadow of obscurity, amidst the corpse of rhapsody; Lay putrefying, my soul, my core down to vestiges.   The golden rays made … Continue reading My body, A graveyard- |Poem|


Baby- |Poem|

Baby, Remember those letters you wrote me? the ones that spoke of your love, ocean deep. Baby, Remember the poem you wrote me? Words spun in gold, our love abiding. Baby, Remember the promises? the stolen kisses, the lingering ¬†hugs? Photographs of our young faces?   Baby, I see them all, I watch as they … Continue reading Baby- |Poem|